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330g jar

Crunchy, mild, sweet, umami packed.

Our pickled garlic is one of the mainstays of the MoVida kitchens. Pickled in wine vinegar, it retains the crunch of fresh garlic whilst mellowing the bite to a gentle umami laden garlic seasoning. Over the years this garlic has been an oft overlooked, but vital part of many famous MoVida dishes - that Buey at MoVida Aqui of thinly sliced rare beef with tocino de Cielo; pickled garic. The wonderful green salad at MoVida Bar de Tapas; pickled garlic. The additive garfish tapa at MoVida Next Door; pickled garlic. 

At home it's best finely sliced then sprinkled across a plate of salami or jamon, dropped last minute on the top of barbecued meat, mixed through almost any salad to lift and give a gently sweet-garlicy pop; once you start using it, it's difficult to stop...

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Salvador Says

Adds a zing of vinegar, a boost of umami and the crunch of freshness to a tin of sardines...

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