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350g jar

The best Piquillos we could find... grown in Navarre and processed by hand in the traditional way.

Our Piquillo peppers come from the autonomous region of Navarre, just to the south of San Sebastian. In fact they fully qualify for the prestigious Denominacion de Origin de Lodosa which certifies the best Pimiento del Piquillo from this area and if it wasn't for a silly bureaucratic disagreement about font sizes we would have included that on the label! Bureaucracy aside what matters most is that these are the best Piquillo's we could find. They are hand harvested over a period of weeks to ensure they're taken at perfect ripeness, meticulously sorted then roasted over an open wood fire which ensures a gentle smokiness against the sweetness of the pepper. The peppers are then peeled and de-seeded by hand before being jarred with only their own juices and a little salt. The results are incredibly sweet, complex and smokey. 

In the restaurants we used Piquillo's in a many of different ways. Their natural sweetness pairs beautifully with seafood; in Spain this normally means salt cod which is either battered and fried in chunks before being stuffed into the whole piquillos or roasted then laid across a bed of diced peppers. Our favourite updates along this theme have been to stuff them with crab meat or pair them with fresh sea urchin on a piece of crusty charred sourdough. Their smokey flavour also makes them a natural companion to chargrilled meat; they make a fantastic garnish for dry aged steak where the sweetness plays against the funk of seriously old beef. One of our favourite restaurants in Rioja, Tondeluna in Logrono used to make a tartare with them, diced and mixed with egg yolk, raw beef, capers, shallot and fried artichoke crisps... it still ranks as one of our favourite tartares... I could go on with more Piquillo dish highlights but I'm making myself hungry... 

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Salvador Says

Piquillo's are used extensively in the food of Rioja, which neighbours Navarra. It's almost impossible to imagine visiting Rioja without recalling the taste of charred beef, piquillo and good traditional old Rioja...

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