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Treintamil Maravedies? Three thousand problems. Or what it’s like to own a vineyard...

But really, if you’re making wine of this calibre, how bad can it be?

30,000 Maravedies is probably the best value wine in our collection. It’s an incredibly pretty, light bodied and aromatic Garnacha that’s pure Gredos. A tight acid line, dark cherry and boysenberry flavours are strung along its lithe texture.

This is seriously stimulating drinking if that’s what you’re after, but it’s also immensely fun to quaff. Our friend Ned Goodwin MW, who writes for a few serious publications, said this about it “Fine boned, pallid and skeletal of fibrous, peppery tannin and altitudinal acidity, this paints a very different picture to one's preconceptions of Spanish Grenache. Faintly red fruited, with hints of tamarillo inferring marginal ripeness, this is strung across a taut bow of incisive structural attributes with just enough fruit hanging off them. As it opens, the wine moves into a Burgundian sphere of finesse, expansion across the palate and sapid sour cherry flavours melded to a hint of forest floor” which is a much better tasting note than we can muster so let’s run with that...

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