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A clever orange wine, with hints of the sea.

Bernabé y Viñedos Culturales’ El Carro comes from an old patch of Moscatel de Alexandre vines, grown on a soil of decomposed oyster shells, in the Parque Natural de la Mata, just a few dozen metres from the beach.

Fermented with a little over a weeks’ skin contact and picked early to provide ample acidity, this is an orange wine that benefits from time in a decanter or glass.

While it’s initially quite savoury, with time the floral nature of Moscatel, orange blossom and jasmine appear alongside the nutty, dried citrus pith character from the skins. On the palate, there’s a moreish salinity that comes from the vineyard’s proximity to the sea.

About Bernabé y Viñedos Culturales

Salvador Says

Last time I was at Belles scarfing fried chicken, El Carro was on the list. Sounds odd but it's amazing with hot drumsticks...

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