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A long, fresh, vibrant and complex wine that's a world away from the tropical fruit salad often found in the Rías.

Forjas del Salnés’ 'Leirana' Albarino is a corner stone of our portfolio. It's produced from multiple parcels across the Salnes Valley, with a combination of granitic and sandy soils in an effort to reflect the character of the vintage across the entire Salnes zone. Partial stainless steel, partial old oak fermentation and ageing. 

Year in, year out, Leirana is a one of the first wines on our wine lists and into our cellars. It's mixture of coastal, brine, oyster shell flavours, pure acidity and faint touches of primary fruit all backed by a touch of texture and savoury element push it closer to the world of Chablis than most of the Albarino we come across.

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