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Juan Garcia (the grape, not the human) is a forgotten varietal from the canyons that form the border between Portugal and Spain.

Prapetisco is a new project wine from Barco del Corneta.

Driven by a desire to explore some of Spain’s forgotten varietals, which are cultivated in the remote corners of the country, winemaker Bea Herranz began working with the Juan García grape, an estranged cousin of Portugal’s Alfrocheiro. Producing light bodied, intensely aromatic wines, Juan García comes from Arribes, a tiny appellation on the edge of the canyon cut by the Rio Duero, on the northern border of Portugal.

Grown on very light sandy soils with significant quartz content (parts of the vineyard literally sparkle in the sun), Prapetisco is a delicious blend of red cherry, gun powder and pomegranate flavours.

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