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Essentials for surviving the apocalypse in style...

Metropolitan Melbourne is in lockdown again. There's a chance Sydney will be next, or Adelaide. Who knows. 2020 could be the year of small steps forward between intermittent returns to confinement. Faced with that unpleasant thought, we did the only rational thing we could think of, we dusted off a copy of Cormac McCarthy's The Road and counted the tins of tuna in the cupboard.
Tinned tuna stocks found wanting? Well, we can probably help with that. Meet the MoVida Bunker pack - a little selection of some of our favourite tins, pantry stables and kitchen secret weapons that will help you bunker down for whatever the second half of 2020 brings in style and comfort. And, because there's a good chance that all of us will have a few Friday night at home in the coming months, we've included a bottle of each of our bar basics too - Manzanilla Sherry, Albarino and Tempranillo. 
We've also asked Frank Camorra to pitch in with a couple of tips for getting the most out of the pack, so as with previous wine-centric packs this one will come with a little briefing document to keep you entertained. 
The Pack includes one of each of the following, delivered, for $125.00, or two of everything for $220.00. 
Sanchez Ayala Manzanilla Vinegar - 

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