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Meet Sarai Castillo, one of MoVida's key kitchen staff for the past four years. She's worked in our kitchens from Lorne to Hosier Lane and has spent a big chunk of 2020 prepping food for the wonderful Menu del Dia boxes. As of last week Sarai has been running her own 'Comida Corrida' food boxes from Hosier Lane every Thursday, alongside the MoVida 'Menu del Dia' project.  Sarai is originally from Guadalajara, a city near Mexico's west coast known for Mariachi music country and as tequila country. Her father comes from the highlands of central Mexico while her mum hails from the northern town of Durango. So the food that hit the Castillo family table every night when Sarai was a child reflected a cross section of different Mexican regional influences, and it's this diversity of cooking that's the basis of our new 'Comida Corrida' food boxes - a switch from the question we asked for Menu del Dia; 'What would a Spanish Grandmother be cooking for us in lockdown' to the more specific, but no less delicious; 'what would Sarai's family be eating right now?!' And if the staff meals Sarai has been known to turn out in our kitchens are anything to go by, we think you'll like the result! 
As well as recognizing the obvious talent Sarai has, the Comida Corrida project has a social component. Like a lot of our staff both in the kitchen and on the floor, Sarai does not qualify for the 'Job Keeper' or 'Job Seeker' payments that have kept our industry alive through this crisis because of her visa status. Thus far we've tried to find ways to keep people like her on the payroll, because Sarai like all of our international staff are an integral part of the MoVida family. Comida Corrida is an attempt to address that head-on, it's a project entirely staffed by, and supportive of, our foreign chefs and waitstaff. And we couldn't be more excited to be launching it with her heading the project! 
The details - we're relying on our own staff as drivers again, which means we can only deliver within a radius of 20km of Melbourne CBD. We will deliver between 1.30pm and 5.00pm on Thursday's, starting on the 10th of September. The MoVida Menu del Dia will continue to be available on Friday's and Saturday's. We are limited to 60 boxes available on each Thursday, first in first served. Every week we'll upload a new menu to our website for the coming weekend and send an email like this one out, so if you miss out this week, please check back in the following week! 
Due to the nature of this offer and specific delivery days, we can only offer this to homes within a 20km radius of Melbourne CBD. Apologies to those further out, we wish we had the capacity to reach you. 
We are not able to cater for dietary requirements.  
The Menu? 
Comida Corrida - Menu III 
$160.00 delivered. 

Sopa de Tortilla - Tomato soup with tortilla chips, feta cheese, avocado and puffed pork crackling

Quesadillas de Poblano - Flour tortilla with cheese, corn and Poblano Peppers

Sope de Tinga - Fried corn dough topped with Chipotle shredded beef, lettuce, sour cream

Bloody Maria - Tromba Tequila, Australian tomato juice, Mexican spices. Mixed by Curatif

Tacos de Pollo al Pastor - Chicken thighs marinated in Achiote, chilies, pineapple and spices. Served with pineapple salsa and Guajillo sauce.

Cerdo en Salsa Verde - Pork cooked in green tomatilloes, coriander and Jalapeno with potatoes and green sauce

Calabacitas - Traditional Mexican stew of zucchini, onion, capsicum and Jalapenos

Salsa Martajada y Totopos - Toasted pepper and tomato salsa, tortilla chips

Mexican Eton Mess - Chocolate and Tequila cake, Dulce de Leche, passion fruit, Chipotle meringue, sour cream and toasted almonds

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