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One of Nanclares y Prieto's top cuvees, from the vineyard surrounding Alberto Nanclares' winery.

The double barrelled name Nanclares y Prieto 'Nanclares' Albarino refers to the vineyards immediately surrounding Alberto Nanclares home, looking across at the bay between O Gove and Cambados. It's a beautiful site that exposes vineyards to the incoming oceanic influence but with a little more protection than the sites closer to Sanxenxo; like A Grana or the Tempus Vivendi vineyards. There's a lot of complexity here, deep rooted old vines that have never been plowed seem to pull minerality through the wine, with a pure acid line promises longevity. Generally only around 1,000 bottles are produced annually from two 500l neutral, older oak barrels

About Nanclares y Prieto

Salvador Says

Tightly coiled, saline, soaring.

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