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Shop Food Ventresca Bonito Tuna Belly Fillets

112g tin

Caught off the coast of Galicia only when the local bonito are at their peak.

Cuca’s ‘Ventresca de Bonito’ (tuna belly) uses the fattiest sections of the underside of the fish, which are then filleted and skinned by hand, confited and canned. It's the most prized and the most expensive piece of fish in the typical Spanish range, akin to the O-Toro section of a Japanese sushi platter. Fully marbled and decadent fish, slowly cooked in top quality olive oil. If there's a piece of tuna that proves just how seriously the Spanish take canning - it's Ventresca.  

The Bonito are line and rod caught only when the fat to muscle ratio of the fish is at its finest, making for exceptional eating (and occasionally inconsistent supply).

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