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180g tin

Delicate, buttery tuna belly from Cantabria

Conservas Emilia Tuna Belly is one of the finest tinned tuna's we've come across. Like all of Conservas Emilia's products the quality of their tuna is a result of longstanding, close ties to the local fishing fleet of Santona, a seasonal harvest, timed so that the tuna are fished in winter when fat deposits are higher and simple, traditional harvesting methods. 

The tuna are line caught in the cold waters off the coast of Santona. They are then butchered to allow for different parts to be processed accordingly. The belly, the most marbled area under the pectoral fins are removed and very gently steamed before being packed by hand into tins, topped with extra virgin olive oil and sealed. The result is an incredibly succulent and delicate tuna, flaked along the line of muscle so that large elongated pieces remain. The gentle steaming also means there's often a faint ribbon of pink running through the centre of the flake, a sign of the sort of precision possible with an artisan product. 

Conservas Emilia also pride themselves on supporting sustainable fishing practices and strictly adhere to European Union guidelines to ensure the long term viability of Atlantic Ocean tuna stocks. 

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Amazing on a toasted Bocadillo with Romesco sauce and a glass of Manzanilla.

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