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The word 'Conasbrancas' is made up - it's kind of a Spanish version of "WhatTheWhite." When the young Fedellos wine makers came to Ribeira Sacra searching for elegant red wine from the native Mencia and Bastarda grapes they almost accidentally acquired a bunch of white varietals, old vines, steep slate and granite vineyards, but they were suddenly confronted with the problem of 'What the .... do we do with all this white?' Conasbrancas. 

It's a blend of white parcels of several different organically farmed vineyards in the south of Ribeira Sacra, Godello, Palomino, Dona Blanca, Trexidura. Some skin contact (the Dona Blanca, which Curro told me is completely flavourless otherwise...), some whole bunch press, some light free run juice. The result is a really lovely, aromatic, textural and definitively mineral white. Somewhere between Chablis and the whites of Northern Italy which the crunch of Galician freshness. 

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Salvador Says

Old white varietals in the wilds of Ribeira Sacra, delicate, pure and textured.

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