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Elegance and minerality from the highlands of Ribeira Sacra

Lomba dos Ares is one of the most effortlessly elegant Galician reds we've stumbled across. It's comes from 70-80 year old vines growing on Granitic soils found high up the Val di Bibei near the border with Valdeorras at some 700m above sea level. Whilst predominately Mencia all the old vineyards of this area are inter-planted with other varietals, so there's little bits of Caino, Mouraton, Souson, Godello and Garnacah Tintorrera in there too. All this adds up to a light bodied, black fruited and pure expression of Ribeira Sacra, full of lively acidity without the alcoholic warmth that can come from more prestigious terroirs in Amandi. There's a purity and depth to the fruit here that belies it's quick, light bodied palate. 


About Fedellos do Couto

Salvador Says

Fedellos - the brats are the epitome of the people we work with, they work incredibly hard with the aim of making the very best wine possible but without ever seeming to take themselves seriously...

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