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This month's MoVida Sommelier pack takes a slightly different approach. Last month, our cancelled plans pack rambled across the entire country. This month, taking advantage of a new bunch of arrivals, we're honing in on the autonomous region of Galicia in Spain's North West. The pack includes six premium bottles, two white, four red, from six of the best producers in Galicia, with notes to walk you through the wines and the region. As usual, we've thrown in a couple of tins of Conservas (Galician!) as well. 

Galicia is a fascinating place, culturally, linguistically and viticulturally unique in Spain. In many ways, despite the prominence of the independence movements in Catalonia and the Basque Country, it is Galicia that has the strongest claims to being a unique nation within larger Spain. The region is cut off from neighbouring Leon and Asturias by huge mountain ranges which not only helped to preserve its customs and language (Gallego) but also the unique traditions of Galician wine. The huge influx of Cabernet and Chardonnay that washed through the rest of Spain after Franco's death never really made it over those mountains, but curious wine importers did. What they found was a trove of fascinating regions, uniquely Galician grape varietals, some of the most spectacular vineyards in the world, and a hell of a lot of good food. 

Our pack kicks off with a three-way comparison of what is one of our favourite wine regions in Spain - Ribeira Sacra. It's an area that producers beautiful Pinot Noir-like wines from grapes varietals like Mencia. One bottle from Envinate who are one of the most highly esteemed and highly sought after producers in all of Spain, alongside two hugely talented but up coming producers in Silice and Fedellos do Couto. The three producers share remarkably similar philosophies in wine making, but they work in subtly different ways and in three quite unique parts of Ribeira Sacra. Putting them side by side in the pack is intended to give you a really strong look at one of Spain's most interesting areas. The fourth red, Peixes da Rocha, is a fascinating look at the traditions of Galicia - taken from ancient vines in a nearly forgotten area high in the mountains. To keep things balanced we've also thrown in the fresh off the boat 2019 Forjas del Salnes Albarino to give you more of an aperitif style and the textural, complex Rafael Palacios 'Louro' Godello, another newly arrived vintage! 


2018 Envinate 'Lousas Vinas de Aldea' Mencia - Ribeira Sacra 

2018 Fedellos do Couto 'Cortezada' Mencia - Ribeira Sacra

2018 Silice Mencia - Ribeira Sacra

2018 Peixes da Rocha 'Camandula' Tinto - Macizo de Ourensan 

2019 Nanclares 'Dandelion' Albarino - Rias Baixas 

2019 Rafael Palacios 'Louro' Godello - Valdeorras

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