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Shop Wine Gredos Calling - A Deep Dive into the Granite Mountains

Our latest pack comes from one of our favourite parts of Spain - the Sierra de Gredos - an area our entire wine team fell down the rabbit hole of a long time ago and we're still tumbling... for a while there our obsession with the Gredos was so great that we were importing more wine from that area than we were from Rioja... which is a pretty brave move from a business point of view! Luckily for us a shipment directly from the Gredos arrived in November so we're able to put together a really fascinating walk-though-tasting of this region. The Gredos is a massive, snow capped, mountain range that rears up to the west of Madrid. The vast majority of it is national park, so it's wild and sparsely populated, but up in those cold remote hills grows some of the finest, most delicate Garnacha produced in the world. This pack contains two of the best of them from the two houses that have really put the Sierra de Gredos back on the map in the last decade - Daniel Landi and Comando G. We've added a few wines from Maranones to that too; Dario, a collection of the ancient varietals that sat side-by-side with Garnacha until the 1940's when phylloxera wiped out much of the areas' vineyards. And two whites - the young vine El Quiebro and the more serious 'Picarana' to show the elegance and sophistication possible in whites produced on those cold Granite soils. Then because not everything should be so serious - especially in an area that's almost entire composed of young-rebel-rock-music-blasting-winemakers (these are not RM Williams and Chino wearing types...!) - Tapafugus Rose, a fun little beast emblazened with the logo 'Because doing nothing is thirsty work...'  

The pack comes with a little tin of something to snack on as well as brief notes on the producers we've come to know over the years, the wines they make, and the land they're from. 


2019 Daniel Gomez-Jimenez Landi 'Las Uvas de la Ira' Garnacha

2019 Comando G 'La Bruja de Rozas' Garnacha 

2018 Bodegas Maranones 'Dario' Morenillo 

2019 Bodegas Maranones 'El Quiebro' Albillo 

2019 Bodegas Maranones 'Picarana' Albillo 

2019 Tapafugus Clarete Rosado 


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