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With the restaurants sadly closed for the duration of this crisis (don't worry, they'll be back though!) We find ourselves with a plethora of wine waiting to hit restaurant tables that are currently gathering dust...

In response we're offering a great deal on some of the classic bottles that are mainstays of our restaurants - the sort of delicious Tempranillo we'd normally have on by the glass for $15.00 or by the bottle for $70.00 or $80.00 in the restaurant, we're now offering as part of a pack of six bottles available delivered to your door for $160.00.

The bottles are selected in much the same way we look at the by the glass offering of the wine lists - balancing the light, delicate next to the broad and powerful. This time around, it's a fresh, aperitif ready Albarino from one of the very few organic producers in Rias Baixas, followed by a richer, textured field blend from young punks in Ribeira Sacra. A very dry, but darkly coloured Rose that harks back to an old Catalan style of summer-drinking, somewhere between chilled light red and rose but completely delicious on a summer day! This also segues nicely into reds, starting with the elegant, pale coloured, Pinot-weighted Garnacha from Maranones. Then rounded out by two powerful, winter reds - Casa Castillo's Monastrell and Alvar de Dios' Tio Uco Toro Tempranillo.

Best of all - we're offering them, delivered to your door,  at an amazing price, with a can of MoVida Sardines thrown in the box so if you close your eyes and turn off the news for a second you may just think you're back at the bar, on a typical Friday evening splashing back Albarino with a salty Galician Sardine, looking forward to the weekend ahead... 


The Wines: 

2018 Nanclares y Prieto 'Tempus Vivendi' Albarino (Rias Baixas)

2017 Fedellos do Couto 'Conasbrancas' Field Blend (Ribeira Sacra)

2019 Lectores Vini 'Pomagrana' Trepat Rose

2017 Bodegas Maranones '30,000 Maravedies' Garnacha (Madrid)

2017 Casa Castillo Monastrell (Jumilla)

2018 Alvar de Dios 'Tio Uco' Tempranillo (Toro) 

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