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2017 Fedellos do Couto 'Conasbrancas' Blanco

The word 'Conasbrancas' is made up - it's kind of a Spanish version of "WhatTheWhite." When the young Fedellos wine makers came to Ribeira Sacra searching for elegant red wine from the native Mencia and Bastarda grapes they almost accidentally acquired a bunch of white varietals, old vines, steep slate and granite vineyards, but they were suddenly confronted with the problem of 'What the .... do we do with all this white?' Conasbrancas. 

We chose it today with the Cuttlefish in mind, one of head chef Ewen's recurring classics. It's a rustic take on beautiful ingredients and it relies on having amazing quality, thick meaty Cuttlefish. The texture, minerality and subtle salinity of Conasbrancas works brilliantly alongside. 

2017 Alvar de Dios 'Tio Uco' Tempranillo (Toro) 

 Tinto del Toro, Rabo del Toro. It's a slightly literal match but in this instance it really works. The braised ox-tail in this weeks pack is a classic MoVida dish, it's in Frank's earliest cookbook - although the recipe has evolved over the following years, and it's a perfect dish of succulent, slightly spicy meat to coax you through a Melbourne winter.

Normally we'd steer clear of Toro wines as a match here - they tend to be big on alcohol and oak and need more chargrilled flavours but Alvar's version is fresh and juicy enough to work brilliantly with Rabo del Toro but also with the slow cooked lamb shoulder and empanada. 


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