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Shop Wine MoVida Sommelier Pack - Andrea Infimo

Six bottles for Socially Isolating in style from Sommelier Andrea Infimo


Normally Andrea Infimo spends the majority of his time studying the wine world as part of his WSET diploma work or treading the boards at MoVida Bar de Tapas in Hosier Lane, where he's been Head Sommelier for several years. Before that he looked after the wine list at MoVida Surry Hills in Sydney, so you could say that he's been part of the MoVida family for awhile, and while he may profess to be an Italian who supports S.C.C. Napoli in the Seria A football league, we know in wine terms at least, he has a Spanish heart even if he has terrible taste in football terms... 

These days, he can be found in the rather grey, starkly neon-lit warehouse that houses Alimentaria's Cuca-stash, helping us pack boxes and courier things around the country. Or running laps of the Tan to make up for all the kilometres he used to cover scurrying between table 12 and the wine fridge out the back of MoVida. To add a bit of the glamour and intellectual stimulation back into his working life, Andrea's thrown together our next six pack for you - complete with tasting notes: His six wines to add light and colour to the grayness of Melbourne winter during social isolation.

In true 'Head Sommelier' style, Andrea's chosen a couple of ultra rare bottles, like Victoria Torres' white from the Canary Islands, which means there's a limit to the number of packs we have available. He's also done the balancing act required of a restaurant Sommelier; sitting the elegant, Pinot-esq expressiveness of Daniel Landi's 'Las Uvas de la Ira' next to the deep Mediterranean fruit weight of Fredi Torres' Priorat red. It's a great pack - with some serious gems, and to keep the cognitive wheels turning Andrea's put together tasting notes and background on all six wines - so expect a little dossier to come with the box. As with the last couple of boxes, we'll also throw in a tin of Conservas Emilia Garfish to snack on. 

The Wines: 

2018 Nanclares y Prieto 'Nanclares' Albarino RRP $39.50

2017 Victoria Torres 'Malvasia Aromatica' Seco RRP $65.00

2017 Bodegas Ponce 'Reto' Albilla RRP $35.00

2016 Daniel Landi 'Las Uvas de la Ira' Garnacha RRP $45.00 

2017 Fredi Torres 'Classic' Garnacha, Samso (Priorat) RRP $50.00

2016 Luis Alegre 'Crianza' Tempranillo (Rioja) RRP $36.50


Salvador Says

Lean, mineral Albarino. Salt and funk from the Canary Islands. Rare white varietals from the Mediterranean. High altitude Grenache from the Gredos, Crianza Rioja and a cheeky Priorat. Oh, and we'll throw in a tin of Garfish too...

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