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A guided tour of Tempranillo country - delivered.

Meet the MoVida Tempranillo Six Pack! 

A fortnight ago we released the first MoVida Sommelier pack - that one was inspired by the 'By the Glass' selection at the original restaurant in Hosier Lane. It's still available here, although in slightly modified form, as the response was so impressive we've had to substitute a couple of wines from the original six.

This time round we've drawn inspiration from the Tempranillo training session that we were supposed to run for our staff next week. Instead of doing a master class in MoVida Aqui's Private Dining Room for our team, we're offering you the chance to do it in your living room. Complete with entertaining notes on each wine from the MoVida Sommeliers, who have visited these vineyards and tasted with these winemakers in Spain. The brief was to be entertaining too - we know that our staff get the most out of these sessions when they're fun and we're assuming you will too.

The idea is that these six Tempranillo's show the range this varietal covers - from the uber-traditional leather and tobacco, medium bodied grace of La Rioja Alta to the Modernist, Terroir-ist rockstars of Rioja's new wave like Artuke and Sierra de Tolono. Then onwards from Rioja along the Duero to two producers of Ribera del Duero; Dominio del Aguila who have leapt to the top of the Spanish wine hierarchy in dizzying speed, and Quinta Milu, a producer of great soul who's responsible for some of the best value 'pizza' wine we've ever come across. The pack then finishes with a single vineyard wine from Alvar de Dios, the Aciano vineyard in Toro where vines planted in 1919 give a really special version of the third most important Tempranillo growing region in Spain. 

On our wine lists the six bottles would total around $450.00 combined, in this crazy new world of online retail we're offering them for $200.00 delivered. And in keeping with the last pack, we're going to tuck a little snack - two tins of Cuca Sardines in Escabeche in honour of a road-side restaurant in the Ribera del Duero countryside that does the best escabeche - a restaurant we sadly won't get to visit this year! 


The Wines:

2018 Sierra de Tolono Tinto - Rioja

2014 La Rioja Alta 'Vina Alberdi' Tempranillo, Graciano - Rioja

2017 Artuke 'Finca del Los Locos' Tempranillo - Rioja 

2017 Dominio del Aguila 'Picaro' Tinto Fino - Ribera del Duero

2018 Quinta Milu 'Milu' Tinto Fino - Ribera del Duero

2017 Alvar de Dios 'Aciano' Tinto del Toro

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