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Perfumed, elegant and powerful from one of the most exciting areas of Spain

'Las Uvas de la Ira' translates as 'The Grapes of Wrath,' a title borrowed from John Steinbeck's classic novel. As the literary reference hints at, Dani's wines are cerebral, beautiful to drink, but framed by the winemakers engagement with the agricultural history of his homeland, where many of the beautiful vineyards of the area were abandoned as small shareholders fell prey to the big movements of history beyond their control; industrialization, civil war, drought...

Las Uvas de la Ira is the village wine of San Vicente, a town in the Valle del Tietar subzone of the Sierra de Gredos, although using the 'village' probably undersells the calibre of the wine. In this wild and beautiful mountain range old bush vines of Grenache grow in granite soils at extreme altitudes. This combination of old vines, granitic soils, altitude and Dani's exacting viticultural work results in beautifully poised, elegant Garnacha. Full of energetic acidity and mouthwatering pomegranate and raspberry fruit. Compared to our other Gredos producers, Las Uvas de la Ira tends to be a touch more muscular than it's stable mate, Comando G's La Bruja de Rozas and a touch more direct and linear than Bodegas Maranones' softer fruited style. 

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