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Volcanic, mineral elegance.

Victoria Torres' Negramoll is one of only two wines she makes in consistent quantities, from multiple vineyards, every year. That being said, she only makes 4,000 or 5,000 bottles a year of it. Negramoll is an heritage varietal, originally from Cadiz on mainland Spain, it came to the Canary Islands some 400-500 years ago during the Spanish colonization of South America. When phylloxera wiped out vineyards on mainland Spain in the 1890's-1920's, Negramoll was basically wiped out aside from the small amounts planted in the Canaries and in South America. 

In Victoria Torres' hands' Negramoll is light bodied, light in colour and elegant. Full of flower and wild berry scents and backed by a mineral-salt and smoke core that screams volcanic island. Her Negramoll plantings tend to be in the north of the island, on higher elevations and older, redder volcanic soils than the fresh black rubble of the south. The altitude here adds an extra lick of acidity that keeps these wines feeling electric. If you're a fan of the reds of the Jura or the wave of producers of Sicily, you find alot to like here... 

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